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Design registered Detonator lever buckle
10 mm thick premium leather with high grip seude finish in and out
Size XL 42 inch leather belt length suitable for waist measurements 34-40; huge rear logo

Lever buckle function
Engineer designed
Unbreakable polished solid stainless steel construction
At rotation points we have drilled through solid stainless steel rod; walls are over 5mm thick
Huge solid stainless steel pull handle
Multi two way adjustment
Design registered
All leather belts and metal components available separately and interchangable for future use
Full range of sizes and colours

Why have we designed our own lever buckle - We wanted to produce a lever belt that eliminated the problems associated with the traditional USA designed lever buckles; namely breakages due to weak points and lack of instant adjustment - The design registered ZULU Detonator is manufactured from solid stainless steel rod and plate; using traditional stainless steel welding. It functions exactly as a traditional lever buckle and has a similar rear plate and positioning screws. Once the buckle is screwed to the belt we have added two sets of holes for the prongs to sit in. This means the belt can be instantly adjusted whilst lifting from tight to crazy tight in an instant. This enables the user to have the belt tight for say Squats than back it off for Deads; whatever your preference -
Lever buckle function-unbreakable construction-instant adjustment.

Technical specifications

Condition: New


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