Product Advice & Sizing

We advise you contact us prior to the purchase of any Power Belt for advice on fitment

Product Design

Our products carry design registrations. Each product is individually designed to function and perform for the purpose it is required. We are the only manufacturer to use ten millimeter steel for the main frame construction of our buckles. We are also the only manufacturer to produce lifting straps in a custom 2.25 inch width constructed with Kevlar stitch. Our Detonator power belt features an engineer designed stainless steel unbreakable and adjustable lever buckle.

Pricing & Delivery

Despite the high specifications of our products our pricing is always competitive. We ship worldwide. UK and EU customers in particular benefit, avoiding lengthy delivery times and import duties associated with ordering from the USA. Weight lifting accessories are a value for money purchase lasting years not months. Delivery is within 48-72 hours depending on time and day of order.

DETONATOR competition power lifting belt

A sizing guide is displayed on each product page.
To be sure which size is suitable for you email us for further advice with your measurements and requirements.
Your DETONATOR lever buckle will be quality checked before dispatch. When screwing the buckle to the leather belt please take care to align the screws provided with the buckle threads. The screws should move effortlessly when tightening; if not it is a sign that your alignment is incorrect. Due to the curve of the buckle itself it is advised the leather belt is bent to form a curve itself which will aid in lining up the screws - see image below.

EVOLVE competition power lifting belt

We followed our original design brief to produce a quick release competition power lifting belt with none of the disadvantages of traditional buckle designs. The EVOLE is the most advanced quick release design to date. The design registered buckle features a solid steel 10 mm main frame, an innovative elongated prong and a huge solid steel grab handle.
As with all ZULU products expect over engineering with six huge rivets, more nylon stitch than any other power belt,
effortless fastening and tightening and instant removal. A sizing guide is shown on each product page but always contact us for advice

​​​​​​​Defcon Gloves

Gloves are generally sized by measuring the circumference of the hand just below the knuckle. Most manufacturers are simlar in there sizing but not all. ZULU professional gloves come in two sizes. 'S/M' size gloves actually have a circumference of approximately 9 inches. This measurement is generally referred to as a large by other manufacturers. The second size 'L/XL' measures approximatley 10 inches. This size generally is known as a XL or even XXL by some manufacturers. It is worth taking a tape measure to your hand prior to ordering but generally those that consider themselves to have a small to medium adult male hand should order there ZULU professional gloves in 'S/M' and those that consider themselves to have a large hand should order the 'L/XL'. As the gloves are manufactured in high grain leather there is some expansion after the first few workouts, this includes the massive leather wrist wrap which at first may appear slightly short unless pulled very tight. After a few workouts the gloves will stretch and become more comfortable and the wrist wrap will lengthen.  For those whom have measured there hands at 9 inches or less and have purchased ZULU professional gloves in 'S/M', but feel they are a little tight; it is worth waiting for the glove to expand rather than ordering a bigger size as it ensures the wrist wrap hits the wrist in the right position, remember a bigger glove is not only wider but longer. (We have measured an approximate expansion of 1/2 an inch to both the body of the glove and the wrist wrap, usually this has taken place after 3-4 workouts)Lifting straps
These are the  only lifting straps to be manufactured in a custom 2.25 inch width which greatly reduces wrist pressure and allows us to not add perishable cushion foam. They are also the only lifting straps to use Kevlar in there construction. Our ultimate strength Defcon straps were used in the televised worlds strongest man axle lift. With regards the huge length of our lifting straps don't worry if you are used to more regular length straps such as a 21 or 25 inch you can continue to use the same wrapping method you have previously used as the extra length will just hang down loose. During testing we found that the 30 inch straps offered further wrapping options.​​​​​​​